Summer Driving Courses Available Now!

Summer Classes are now available

The school year is mayhem, so summer is the perfect time to get your license and at Liberty Driver’s Education Center, we make it easy!

We offer driving lessons running from 8am until 8pm, Monday through Sunday.  There is no better driving school to help you get your license this summer.

Discover yourself with the key’s to safe driving and get your license with Liberty Drivers Education Center.

Meriden Classes held during:
July and August.

 Wallingford Classes held during:
July and August.

Website Update Fixed the Forms and etc

Sorry for the delay but our Online Registration and Contact Us form pages has now been fixed and is now up and running.


  • Our next class is tomorrow which is Signs & Symbols 6pm-8pm on May 4th. in Wallingford.
    • We hope you all join.
  • Added more search functionality.
  • Fixed issues with our website container for the links.

Things to do still:

  • Need to get the Practice Quiz back up and running.
  • Need to revamp our Job Postings page.
  • stay tuned more to come…

Renovating our website

We are currently testing the push to our social media pages thru our blog.

So we decided to make renovations to our website.  We hope you like it.

Some changes:

  • Our practice quiz is currently down and will be back up very soon.
  • Issues with certain links which are not quite right yet.
  • Need to do more testing of the contact forms.
  • Need to work on our Job Postings page.
  • Our next class is DMV Statistics & Process 6pm-8pm which is in about 5 days
    • at 329 Main St. Suite 103 Wallingford, CT
  • We hope to see you there!

Stay Safe and read our FAQs page!